About Us

Scouting fosters the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness among its youth members and adult volunteers, as well as among national and local council employees. Our values are reflected in homes, churches, schools, and businesses and civic organizations in communities both large and small; urban, suburban, and rural.  
Troop 202’s commitment to this spirit is paralleled by our commitment to our local community – both in the youth we develop and the effect of their work in and around the Triangle.
Ensuring the youth of our community are able to fully participate in the Scouting program can sometimes require greater financial commitment than a scout’s family can afford.
Should your family require assistance with dues or fees, or with acquiring a uniform or camping equipment, please contact our Scoutmaster [linked] to discuss what resources may be available based on your specific financial need, and to talk about how we can work with you and your scout on a solution.  
While this discussion will include our learning about your precise situation, know that the details of your request will be kept confidential throughout the review process and implementation.
We will work with you to identify other options for your family to pursue should your needs exceed that which our troop’s available funding and resources can accommodate.
Should you be interested in contributing resources to help make this capability possible, please contact our Scoutmaster at scoutmaster@cary202.mytroop.us – and thank you!